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Being real is painful. Being real is same as being alone. Being real is the same as being cold.

Being real isn't real.

I stepped into the field. The yellow flowers were dancing around my feet. I picked up one smashed flower and it became black the moment I touched it.

Innocence doesn't last long.

It started raining. I looked up. No clouds. Nothing.

The black rain fell and made the whole field black.

It made my whole soul black.

I felt myself falling again. I'm in a room now. Dark curtain is covering the big window. The only light is coming from the coffin I see in the far end of the room. I try to reach it, but it disappears, replaced by a tree. I find myself in a small forest.

The leafs are falling. When autumn comes, it never leaves. It never leaves my heart at least.

I'm locked in this heart-shaped box forever. I can never leave.

Pink sky. Injured sky. Who will repair it?

I can't do it. I am locked. They will stop me. Who will stop me?

Pain can heal. I scream angrily and I disappeared again.

I found myself in the dark room again. The same curtain. The same coffin.

But there was a little girl too.

She looked at me with her big green eyes. Suddenly her white dress became black. I fell through the ground and appeared in another room. This one had red walls, bed in the bottom and a rocking chair right in front of me.

I broke the chair. Destroyed the bed. Detonated the walls.

This is not the place I belong.

I find myself in a beating heart. Thu-dum. Thu-dum. Beating again and again.

Stop. Stop it before my head explode.

A heart-shaped coffin's closing over me. Is that a dream? Is it that the one I have to be? Am I the one I should be? The one I used to be?

I'm falling again. Falling so deep. Falling from where I'll never get out again.

Falling behind. Falling to peaces. Falling apart.

Save me. Save me before it's too late. Save me before I drown in myself.

Save me from that heart-shaped prison, called life.

Soothe the burn.

Wake me up…

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