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The vapour of marijuana hung in the air as Dave exhaled the smoke. "Fuck me if I hear Sweet bloody Child O' Mine one more time I will personally smash that god damn radio to bits" he moaned. Kurt sighed and flicked his joint across the room. He crossed the room and picked up his guitar, tweaking the strings with calloused fingers. He closed his eyes and disappeared into his fantasy world, hoping to escape reality. 'Guns n Roses are so bloody mainstream' he thought to himself. He lost his train of thought as a knock on the door broke the silence. "Oh shit" Krist swore under his breath. Dave opened the door hesitantly as several police officers strode arrogantly into the room. "You fuckers are done for this time" an overweight officer smirked as he motioned towards the warrant in his right hand. The trio knew they were in deep shit as the authorities uncovered several small stashes of weed. "You know the drill" Fatty said to Kurt as he unhooked the cuffs from his belt.

Dave smelt stale piss as he sulked on the bunk of his jail cell. He moped about the small space mumbling incoherently to himself about how stupid Nirvana was. "Dave it's just temporary" Krist sighed rolling his eyes. "We'll be here a day at best". Kurt lay on his bunk, strands of hair covering his eyes. He lazily opened one eye as the door leading to the cells was unlocked. A man in an expensive looking suit entered and formally addressed Kurt. "Mr Cobain, I am Harry Balls, and I am sorry to say that you that your band will not be touring this year due to lack of discipline and the amount of trouble you have had with the law". A million thoughts rushed through the band members head as silence loomed in the jail. Kurt argued back "Listen here Mr Hairy Balls, who are you to have the right to cancel tour dates and be some know it all who thinks they're cool with some stupid ass suit"? He closed his mouth when he saw the glare he was receiving from the police officer next to Harry. Kurt was handed a phone as he put it to his ear and growled 'what'. "Hi Kurt" a familiar voice said...

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