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What if Kurt Cobain
Never shot himself in the head?

He probably would have use
His hatred for corporate butt rock
And started an indie label
He would only make it available
For people who truly felt like freaks
For women rockers, gay rockers
New wavers, alternative black musicians
All those with an individual spirit
Meaning he would refuse to sign any band
That sounds exactly like Nirvana

He'd sign hip-hop, too,
But would be very resentful of it
When it had shiny suits,
And it glorified violence, sex, and money
Teen pop will also draw his ire

He would have been a pundit against FOX News
He would have talked about why
The white man needs to eventually step down
And if America really wants to be great
It needs to let go of their need to control
Otherwise, the ugliness within them
Will define them
Repubs will laugh at him
Then, they'd make fun of his music

He would have loved Polyphonic Spree's cover
Of his "Lithium" song
So much so, he would either join them
Or take them on a tour
Because it reminded him
Of an innocence adults leave to children

He would have loved that indie music is rising
But would be embarrassed at the cash grabbing
OF other artists capitalizing off of indie music
He would have respected Kanye's artistry
But hated him as a person who traded his beliefs
For a spot underneath heavy lighting

He would continue to make his own music
Regardless of whether critics loved or hated it
Somebody would tweet that he lost the plot
Kurt would argue there was no plot to lose
Some fans would leave in disgust
But others would respect his quest for total freedom
But still wish he played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" live

Given his need to protect the ostracized,
He would have supported #OccupyWallStreet
And the #BlackLivesMatter movement
But would he have been
as lambasted for it As Macklemore?

If Kurt Cobain had waited longer to die,
Instead of being a rock savior,
He would be regarded as the king of the ostracized,
The misunderstood, the true salt of the earth
He would be more than a genius
He'd stand for so much in public eyes
He would have had a similar legacy to Bowie
Even a similar amount of respect

What do you think would happen
If he were still around
What if Kurt Cobain
Never shot himself?

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