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Submit Fanworks!

To submit a story, art, or other fanwork please send me an email at the above address. Please don't attach your story/art to the first email you send, or it might end up in my spam box.

If you would like to submit Art
Send me an email with "Nirvana Art" as the subject line. Images must be under 2MB each, preferably well under. Let me know what name I should credit your artwork to (or if you'd like to be anonymous).

If you would like to submit Fic
Send me an email with "Nirvana Fic" as the subject line. Please attach your story to your email as a Rich Text File (.rtf) Include the following info: Title, Author, Rating, Pairing, Teaser

HTML format your story before you send it. It's easy to do:

The Quick Option

You can use to convert Microsoft Word documents to HTML-tagged text. I did a little test with it, and it seems to work pretty well, though I can't promise it will be perfect. If it fails you, you can always do the formatting by hand:

Basic HTML Formatting

To center text, use the following tags at the beginning and end of the text:
<CENTER> Your text here </CENTER>

To separate paragraphs from each other, use these tags:
Paragraph 1 here
Paragraph 2 here

To italicise text, use these tags:
<I> Your text here </I>

To bold text, use these tags:
<B> Your text here </B>

To underline text, use these tags:
<U> Your text here </U>

To strike-through text, use these tags:
<S> Your text here </S>

If you want to use more than one effect, make sure the tags are 'nesting':
Correct = <I> <B> Your text here </B> <I>
Incorrect = <I> <B> Your text here </I> </B>

Note: <BR> tags do not need to be nesting. You can place them anywhere.
Also, the more <BR> tags you use, the more space there will be between
paragraphs. One tag is the same as pressing the enter/return key once.

That's it!